For most of us, the crocodile isn’t an animal with which we want to cross paths, but in Sepik lore it’s an important symbol of strength, power and manhood. Be a part of the Ambunti Crocodile Festival on this tour of PNG, and immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience. It might be your one and only chance to smile at a crocodile and live to tell the tale.

Day 1 Wewak
At a welcome dinner in Wewak, you’ll have the chance to meet your fellow travellers.
Overnight: New Wewak Hotel, Deluxe Rooms
Day 2 Ambunti
Depart Wewak and make your way to Ambunti. By evening, the main Sepik River will be seething with herons, cormorants, wild ducks, egrets, kites and more than a thousand species of water birds. Check into your lodge before enjoying a half-day tour to Meno, Tongijamp Yesan and Mayo, remote communities within the Eastern Sepik. In the evening, there’s an option to go crocodile spotting on the river.
Overnight: at Ambunti Village Hut
Day 3 Sepik River Crocodile Festival
You’ll spend all of today experiencing the Crocodile Festival. Start with an early morning trip to Wagu Lake, where you will have the opportunity to see the bird of paradise. From there, return to Ambunti where the local tribes will display their unique cultures in competition with each other.
Day 4 Sepik River Crocodile Festival
Enjoy the festival until noon when you depart to visit traditional villages Malu and Avative, both known for the fishing and unique burial grounds.
Overnight camping with first-class camping gear and private cook
Day 5 Sepik River Crocodile Festival
Today at the festival you’ll witness a series of dugout canoe races and performances by sing-sing groups from different villages. You may have the opportunity to visit the haus tambaran or ‘spirit house’, which, as the name implies, is the home of the spirits of ancestors, progenitors, crocodiles and other animals. Upstairs in these houses, carvers and other artisans sit next to their creations.
Return to the lodge this evening
Day 6 Middle Sepik
Visit Palimbe, Yenchan and Kanganamun in the Middle Sepik. These villages, with their haus tamarans and custom practices, have stood firm against the invasion of Christianity. The villages are also home to well-known artists who make carvings. In the afternoon, return to Pagwi for a transfer back to Wewak.
Overnight: New Wewak Hotel, Deluxe Rooms
Day 7 Depart
Today you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Port Moresby.



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